Ring Size guide

By Craig Goult / July 11, 2023

Rings are a popular piece of jewelry, symbolizing love, commitment, or simply a stylish accessory. To ensure a perfect fit, you need to know your ring size. Below is a UK ring size guide. Please note that sizes can vary between manufacturers and styles.

UK ring sizes are denoted by letters of the alphabet from A to Z, with half sizes also included for precision. Here's a standard conversion table:

UK Size Inside Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm)
A 11.5 36.1
B 11.9 37.4
C 12.4 38.8
D 12.7 39.9
E 13.1 41.2
F 13.5 42.3
G 14.0 44.1
H 14.3 45.0
I 14.7 46.2
J 15.0 47.4
K 15.5 48.7
L 16.0 50.3
M 16.5 51.9
N 17.0 53.4
O 17.5 55.1
P 18.0 56.6
Q 18.5 58.3
R 19.0 59.5
S 19.3 60.8
T 19.8 62.1
U 20.2 63.4
V 20.6 64.6
W 21.0 65.9
X 21.4 67.2
Y 21.8 68.5
Z 22.2 69.7

This guide provides a rough reference. It's always best to have your finger professionally measured at a jewelry store for the most accurate sizing.

Also, remember that your finger's size can change throughout the day, and is affected by temperature, diet, and activity. It's generally best to measure your finger at the end of the day, when it's likely to be at its largest, to avoid purchasing a ring that's too tight.

The above UK ring sizes can be converted into US or other international sizes using a ring size conversion chart. Bear in mind, though, that these charts are guides, and there can be slight variations between different countries' sizing systems and even between different jewelers within the same country.

When you're buying a ring, especially an expensive diamond or precious metal one, always prioritize a good fit. That might mean taking a little extra time to get the sizing right, but it's worth it for a piece of jewelry that you'll hopefully be wearing for many years to come.



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